Samsung Galaxy S6 concept beautiful gravity UX on Android 6.0

Have a look of Samsung Galaxy S6 a new concept  of Design. Galaxy s6 indicating they would like to see Samsung go with its Galaxy line in future.




"The Galaxy s5 is launched recently and available in markets. Now there are a concept of Galaxy S6 the image shown above are the design, the smartphone."


"This model  is supposed to take more ‘Humanitarian approach’ rather than going a ‘marketing approach’."

About Phone:

"The renders do not get into specs of the device, but rather the desire to see Samsung make innovation  something more than a marketing term.”


“The Galaxy s6 concept will have 4.5 inch S-OLED display with a stunning 2K display.” (i.e. Glass-free screen) with TouchWiz UI and Water & Dust Resistant foldable screen."

Samsung Galaxy S6 Futuristic Look Ahead

*It Seems that we’re all on tenterhooks today waiting for official Samsung Galaxy S4 which were announced in the event of New York. Now there are another new design concept of galaxy S6 smartphone android and with updated features.

"Let’s hope in two years that innovation won’t just be a marketing term so we can actually see something like this in the future.


“This time it’s true.”

 We Get It Now

“Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone & Smart choice”.
Thickness of just 6.9 mm

 Back Screen

“It says also that the Futuristic Samsung Galaxy S6 use the plastic unibody as its predecessor. Most stylish phone of future phones. But plastic Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to be protected with a coating of nano and is called ‘Hyperskin’ . “
Powered by 4 GB RAM and is expected to come with a high powered processor.


"The phone concept also has an 18MP rear camera and 6MP front facing camera with 4K high frame rate video recording and smart eye tracking.” 

The Human Measure

“We hope it’s not patent protected.
Let us skip the boring parts.”

Samsung Galaxy S6 Final Review

"This high-end rumoured concept smartphone with an S-OLED screen from the Samsung Galaxy array has a smooth and beautiful design with wider and thinner than its predecessors. With its OLED screen and such exciting features, you’re not only buying a phone but also a fully capable pocket-tablet merged in a single hardware. A highly recommended Android beast for those who just can’t get enough of whatever they already possess."

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

"Official releasing date of Samsung Galaxy S6 for India is not yet released by the company. However, Samsung Galaxy S6 is likely to get released in 2014 in India."

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price in India

"Official Price of Samsung Galaxy S6 is not yet released by the company." but there is availability of approximate prices.

India : Rs 55,000

UK: $800

Canada : $800

US: $800

Denmark :5000 Danish Krone

Italy: Euro 674

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price In China : 5501.15 Chinese Yuan

Russia: 29654.18 Russian Ruble 

Australia: AU $997.205 Australian Dollar 

Korea: 1004617.52 South Korean Won

Singapore: 1139.105 Singapore Dollar

Malaysia: 2924.790 Malaysian Ringgit

Sri Lanka: 118357.85 Sri Lankan Rupee

Belgium : Euro 674

Germany : Euro 674

South Africa: 8925.57 South African Rand

New Zealand: 1134.925 New Zealand Dollar

Indonesia: 9243055.58 Indonesian Rupiah

Iraq : $800

Iran : $800 

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